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Luxury furniture 
with European comfort



Project Partners are dear clients and friends of Europa Cucine give us the honor and pleasure of representing our brand to their family, friends and acquaintances.
Project Partners are informed of our brands products and services and have access to our management in case they have any questions or VIP clients they’d like to refer. 

Perks and Privilages:*

Project Cut from client's wood work quotation offer
Priority in design schedule
Possibility of shorter delivery duration
Sending 3D designs

*Terms and conditions apply


Brand Ambassadors 

Europa Cucine works with a selected few brand ambassadors who we feel represent our brand, vibe and image. Collaborating with partners of success is a main cover stone in any brand’s success formula.


Brand ambassadors recommend europa Cucine to their fans and followers, having trust in us that we will full-fill the job to the best of our ability. 

Perks and Privilages:*

Personalized Promo code gives Discount for followers and fans.

Project cut from client’s wood work quotation offer

Paid ads on the partnership content for more exposure

*Terms and conditions apply

Be Our Partner

Thank you! We’ll be in touch.

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